Audio Interpretation

As our company name implies we began with developing and creating downloadable mp3 audio guides but things have moved a long way in a short time.

The majority of the content we produce today is still audio, however the audio is now being delivered in many different ways.

Audio interpretation of your site will uncover the clues in the landscape, or building, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in their surroundings while learning. Audio walks and podcasts can supplement and enhance existing interpretation and allow for layered interpretation.

Digital Technology allows audio tours or walks to be introduced to areas where they have not been feasible in the past, such as unmanned sites, restrictively staffed sites, town ands city trails, nature walks, parks and gardens, as well as museums and houses.

Indoors or outdoors audio interpretation will heighten your visitors’ experience.

Audio Interpretation can be easily updated.


Audio Interpretation is a great aid to visitors with reading difficulties and  a useful educational tool if your site is involved in School Curriculum enhancement. Downloadable content mean that your site will appeal both to the ipod generation and the silver surfer, teachers and leaders may choose to download content in advance in order to prepare a group visit.

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