Welcome to Audioguides

Creating quality digital interpretation at an affordable price.

Back in 2005 we saw the potential of mp3 technology and were inspired to develop and produce downloadable audio guides. This allowed for the interpretation of heritage, tourist and nature sites without the restrictions of traditional equipment. We were soon commissioned to produce mp3 audio walks and guides for renowned heritage and nature organisations, and local authorities.

Since then we have kept at the cutting edge, and now do a lot more than it says on the tin !!

We produce flexible high quality digital interpretation, enhancing the visitors’s experience uncovering stories of history, heritage and landscape without encroaching on that landscape, whether it be the great outdoors or a great building.

Our expertise can be used in any part of a project from planning to scriptwriting to full production. We also offer consultancy, and lead community projects.

It could be very easy to get carried away by the technology available, but in these cost conscious times we will work with you to produce the best possible interpretation solution for your needs and budget. Clients find us friendly, creative and flexible or so they’ve told us!

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